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Fall 2019
Chicago Studio
Professor: Chip Von Weise
Time: 12 weeks 
Worked with: Irene Chou
Location: Chicago, US

IMG_8815 copy.jpg


The design is considered as a natural landscape and human activities are seen as water flow on the site. Water makes landscape, it moves, it stops, it transports, and it carves; landscape, on the other hand, makes water flow at different speeds at different moments.

Based on the early analysis on the surrounding area, the site, the landscape, and the architecture were designed with an intention of forming a continuous flow of human activities from the surrounding to the site and creating a series of moments to reinforce the concept.

The project happened in Chicago, US. The project is a multi-functional residential building including a larger amount of apartments, amenities, commercial spaces, a medium size grocery and together with a public garden and underground parking garage.