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Fall 2021 - Spring 2022
MS.AUD - Mobility Studio
Professor: Chip Von Weise
Time: 12 weeks 
Worked with: Irene Chou
Location: Chicago, US



In the project of Venice Carnival, our challenge is to hold an event to make a plan for the high density traffic problem and also solve the climate crisis using clean energy. Our opportunity is to use the experimental public transportation system to bring people the sense of sharing equality and the experience of thrill in Venice Beach.

The building is the Sharing Center for micro-mobility in the project of Venice Carnival. The function of the building is similar to a vending machine to provide a structure for people to pick-up and drop off the micro mobilities, such as sharing bicycles, sharing scooters, as well as the sharing electrical skateboard.

This giant vending machine can hold 2000 micro shared transportations at the same time.

In our master plan, the building of the Sharing Center is both the start point and the end point of our carnival routes. People pick up their rides and then go on the thrilling and dynamic lanes for different types of transportation. The Sharing Center also provides a space to attract and contain the public to the structure along the beach.

The pier-like structure is designed also for the consideration of legacy, especially for the buildings on the seaside. From the inspiration of the current situation in Venice, The building of the Sharing Center will be disassembled and reorganized into a public space and have more interactions with the water.