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Spring 2019

High-rise residential apartment for artist
Professor: Margarita McGrath

Time: 12 weeks
Location: Brooklyn, NY

grd dr_edited.jpg


The artist apartment program is designed for the artists living and working in New York. The site is on the east coast of Eastern River located in Brooklyn. 

Before the site analysis, I was assigned an artist who was living and working in New York. Through the research of the artists, I found some inspirations from their style of design and the connection of architecture design. Later the sense of artists would go through the whole process of design. From the inspiration of John Cage, I made three different iterations of master plans of artists’ apartments. One is based on building codes and makes everything satisfy the limits on the side. The second is based on the context in this area to find the most suitable form of building on the site. The third one is based on the work style of John Cage to convey the sense of random but bind in order. 

Each of the iterations is followed by one of John Cage’s compositions, Ching. Ching was an ancient Chinese order applied in many kinds of areas like astronomy, Feng Shui, it was born from Taoism. John Cage found a relationship between Chinese Ching and his music pieces, and using this method, he created many pieces of work in his life. I borrowed the idea of Chinese Ching as well in the arrangement of apartment units.

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